Data news: 23/07/2017

We are proud to announce that V&S has recently passed the FAIM 3.1 Audit and has been recognized as one of the 2017 TOP PERFORMERS by FIDI having passed the Faim Audit on the day. FAIM (Fidi Accredited International Mover) is a worldwide quality standard certification program developed by Fidi Global Alliance. Ernst & Young audits all 600 Fidi Members every three years and during the audit companies are scored on compliance against the standards to establish risk of service failures to customers. 

V&S scored 0 NCV (Non Compliant Value) on the audit day that compared to the average of 18 NCV scored in Milan / 42 NCV scored in Italy and 47 NCV scored in Europe place V&S as one of the best performers of the continent.  This is a great result that confirms that offering quality to all customers, working with ethic, managing carefully the supply chain are values that V&S pursue every day ! 

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